• Apply to Grin with 1.2GH/s and compatible with MWC.
  • 78mm (L) × 148mm (W) × 158mm (H) with package.
  • Best working temperature is 30 degrees (Celsius).
  • Ships from China, arrive in USA after 7-14 days.
  • 6 months warranty, please contact us if you want to return and refund.


This is the world’s first Grin Asic Miner iPollo-G1 Mini. A magnificent new powerful mining technology that requires little space and that is considerably powerful.  iPollo enables you to conveniently join and actively support the Grin network. It is secure, efficient, and lucrative to be part of this new decentralized mining technology.

Among the other crypto miners of 2022, this ASIC crypto miner is unique in the sense that it produces less noise. In fact, that is one of its defining qualities. Its noise level is 40 DB which is one of the lowest noise levels. The impressive part is that iPollo G1’s overall performance remains unaffected despite its low power and noise value.

ipollo g1 mini grin miner for sale

It has a unique aesthetic design with a small outlook. Built with an Ethernet interface, the device is very handy, especially because of its versatile placement. You can use it in your office or in your home. The device mines two algorithms: Cuckatoo32+ and Cuckatoo31+. Its structure is well-designed and optimized for amazing heat flow and performance, especially due to the presence of several fans in it.
iPollo G1’s efficiency level is quite optimal.

ipollo g1 mini grin miner Specs

Manufacturer iPollo
Model G1 Mini
Release January 2021
Size 148 x 158 x 78mm
Weight 1g
Noise level 40db
Power 100W
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 – 45 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %


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